CNC woodworking for joinery and wood industry: manufacture doors and frames

Among Futura Woodmac 6 axis CNC mill, the machine Tekno X2 is particularly suitable to perform at more or less heavy workloads or different scales of continuous working (both for the joinery and wood industry, even in working lines) on the woodworking of doors and frames, both as a CNC milling and anuba boring machine (with both systems: anuba and hinges).
After a quick setting of the parameters (made even easier by the numerical control system with macro presets), the CNC machine will proceed through the belts of loading and unloading, in a single cycle of approximately 2 minutes, with the processes of milling, anuba boring and screwing previously set, with the milling and anuba boring head automatically positioning itself according to the values inserted in the program.
In any case, the setting and changes to the processing parameters, the technical support over the numerical control is remotely facilitated in direct interaction with our CNC specialists.
The body of the 6 axis CNC milling machine is, as always, internally made and welded, with a maximum control over the quality and in compliance with the EC requirements for safety, also tested and inspected before the delivery.
The woodworks on doors, frames and wooden panels are: key holes, handle holes, lock milling, simple anuba boring and screwing, double anuba boring, milling for hinges, milling for housing concealed hinges.

CNC Milling Hinge Boring Machine: Tekno X2, Futura Woodmac


Joinery and industrial woodworking machinery

CNC milling machine, Hinge boring machine, 6 axis.