Not just machines, but quality and value for partners and customers

Futura Woodmac not only builds machines.
But above all it builds value from the value of its partners and customers.
Along with the ability to offer: quality and benefit.
Our values are at your service: the brand, the structure, the context, the synergy with Metalstar 2000, the manufacturing and services.

Our corporate quality derives from all these values, that enhance their effects by combining with coherence and collaboration, towards a single goal: to always match your needs, with a clear, handy and effective answer.
Because, like you, we want our company to be based on finding solutions day after day.

Futura Woodmac Corporate Quality, Woodworking Machinery

Corporate quality values: resources in woodworking

Brand value:

  • a historic brand among the woodworking machinery, on the market since 1984 (since the earliest Futura Rotomat machines, with robust and reliable 4 sided planers and moulders from 4 to 8 spindles), renowned among retailers, joineries and wood industry, in Italy and the world;
  • a company that keeps up with the modern challenges of integration, of multifunctionality and internationalization, thanks to the synergy with Metalstar 2000, a company of much experience in the field of metal carpentry, which in 2010 takes over the activity by adding new productive opportunities and renewed technologies.

Structure value:

  • a competent and experienced staff, on the technical and commercial aspects, capable to communicate and interact with the world, along with a proven productive and dynamic structure, open to innovation, which sees in the future a link for new projects on which to grow together with its partners;
  • a design and development technical department, constantly striving to find new technological solutions because persuaded of the role of innovation as the keystone of any efficient company;
  • a constant focus on the needs and satisfaction of the customer, where Futura Woodmac’s advantage is in its ability to listen, understand, design, test, customize and resolve, offering real and solid solutions.

The context value:

  • the machines are fully made and assembled in Italy, through solid relationships with the best Italian suppliers, chosen for their reliability, quality and creativity in finding opportunities to improve your business;
  • the valuable “100% Made in Italy” as a guarantee, a basic rule of professionalism, reliability and high quality, when it comes to both products and services is proudly stamped on the base of each machine.

The value of the synergy with Metalstar 2000:

  • the in-house production of almost the entire structure of each machine (the base and generally the whole body, including columns and some of its internal small parts), thanks to several metal working, sheet laser cutting and welding with CNC milling cutters for metal machining departments;
  • compared to our competitors we guarantee greater control over every phase of the production process (most of it made inside the company) which determines more quality and safety in the assembly of the components, in the testing and inspection process, in warranty and repairs, in the overall yield of the machine;
  • highly competitive prices compared to the costs on the market, with a higher quality standard, that could personally follow almost the entire production cycle (internally or, for the rest however in Italy) of the machine and its capabilities in woodworking.

Manufacturing and services value:

  • the improving of 4 sided planers and moulders to further increase the speed and accuracy, with effective solutions for joineries on growing production volumes, for the industrial woodworking;
  • the new machines, even for hobbyists and designed for pantographing, vertical milling, sanding and tenoning operations on all types of wood (solid wood, fibre panels, particle panels, plywood panels);
  • the new Tekno lines of CNC milling and anuba boring machines for the production of wooden doors and windows (frames and panels), both in joinery and industry, with advanced solutions (for anuba and hinge systems and concealed hinges);
  • rigorous testing and inspection of each feature of the machine, before its delivery, always in full compliance with the requirements on the safety of the operators, protected by the European Community.

Why Futura Woodmac?
Because our values are in the service of your results.
We build machines and new values by building on yours.