Wood joinery machines: doors and frames woodworking

The Futura Woodmac 3 axis CNC machines are versatile, particularly suitable for the joineries in the processing of doors, frames and wooden panels, even very long pieces.
In particular, the Tekno Basic is a multifunctional machine and can be installed in 3 different ways: the customer can choose whether to purchase the machine with both working groups (milling and anuba boring) or to eliminate one.
The technical support on the numerical control is remotely ensured in direct interaction with our specialists both on the settings and on the changes of the parameters.
The body of the CNC machine is, as always, internally built and welded, ensuring the highest quality, even in the stage of testing and inspection in compliance with the EC requirements for safety.
The woodworks on doors, frames and wooden panels are: key holes, handle holes, lock milling, simple anuba boring and screwing, double anuba boring, milling for hinges and concealed hinges, excavations for the door shutters.

CNC Milling Hinge Boring Machine: Tekno Basic, Futura Woodmac


Joinery machinery

CNC milling machine, Hinge boring machine, 3 axis.