Hinge boring machines, doors and frames woodworking

In Futura Woodmac’s range of hinge boring machines are available machinery for the woodworking of doors and frames (and panels in general) addressed both to countries (such as Italy) which adopt the anuba system and countries which adopt the hinges or concealed hinges systems, ideal for the industrial woodworking in joineries of doors and frames (with machines configurable both as working islands and line machines).
The hinge boring machines (which also perform the operations of milling and boring) perform, with a single positioning and in a very short time, an entire complete production process of anuba screwing (male or female, from a double storage), up to 5 sides of the same panel, also thanks to the CNC functionality with CAD CAM integrated programming and the numerous macro presets that allow a very quick setting of the parameters, charging the operator only with the operation of inserting the metal fittings at the end of the cycle.
The woodworking carried out by our machines (both CNC milling and hinge/anuba boring machines) on doors, frames and wooden panels are: key holes, handle holes, lock milling, simple anuba boring and screwing, double anuba boring, hinges and concealed hinges milling, excavations for the door shutters, lateral incisions with milling disc, engravings and/or writing on the front side of the panel, openings on the front side of the panel, processing 5 sides of the panel in a single positioning.
The anuba boring machines are produced in Italy (the entire body of the machine is internally made and welded), in compliance with EC requirements for safety, with tests and strict inspections before being delivered to the customer, ensuring high quality and reliability at very profitable market prices.

CNC Milling Hinge Boring Machine: Tekno Basic, Futura Woodmac


Joinery machinery

CNC milling machine, Hinge boring machine, 3 axis.

CNC Milling Hinge Boring Machine: Tekno X2, Futura Woodmac


Joinery and industrial woodworking machinery

CNC milling machine, Hinge boring machine, 6 axis.