Wood vertical milling machines, for joineries and hobbyists

The Futura Woodmac wood vertical milling machineSkema 800 is a reliable professional vertical milling machine, thanks to its wide worktable, which can be handled upstroke and downstroke by a frontal handwheel: an extremely sturdy support to perform vertical milling operations in total safety, even on large wood.
The work cycle is managed by a remote push-button that, when the pedal is pressed, activates and handles the pneumatic milling unit and then blocking it once the pedal is released.
The milling unit, equipped with a 6-stop adjustable turret, allows quick vertical milling operation changes, performed with 3 collets (6 – 8 – 9.5 mm diameter) and 1 bit (10 mm diameter cutting). A collet for spindle (12 mm diameter) is supplied upon request as an optional accessory.
The in-house production of the machine base, together with some of its parts, guarantees the highest quality control on the vertical milling machine, which is accurately tested before leaving the plant. The rest of the machine is still made in Italy, by a network of suppliers carefully selected to guarantee the best quality ever at the best price.

Pantograph Vertical Milling Machine: Skema 800, Futura Woodmac


Machine for joineries and hobbyists

Pantograph, Vertical Milling Machine.