Futura Woodmac news: Futura Woodmac at Xylexpo 2024

Futura Woodmac at Xylexpo 2024

21-24 May 2024 (Hall 3, Stand D02): Futura Woodmac meets resellers, partners and the public from all over the world at Xylexpo 2024.
News Futura Woodmac: Socially Responsible CompaniesFutura Woodmac

Futura Woodmac supports “Progetti del Cuore”

They have donated a vehicle for transporting disabled and disadvantaged citizens, together with other socially responsible companies.
News Futura Woodmac: Welfare Bonus for EmployeesFutura Woodmac

Welfare Bonus for Futura Woodmac Employees

For Christmas 2022 Metalstar 2000 and Futura Woodmac donate EUR 50,000 to 60 employees: "We also grew because of them”.
Futura Woodmac News: Futura Woodmac at Xylexpo 2022

Futura Woodmac at Xylexpo 2022

12-15 October 2022 (Hall 24, Stand D29): Futura Woodmac returns to exhibit its range, with some great news.
Futura Woodmac news: Futura Woodmac at Ligna 2019

Futura Woodmac at Ligna 2019

27-31 May 2019 (Hall 11, Stand F51): Futura Woodmac and its woodworking machinery at Ligna in Hannover, the most important woodworking fair in the world.
Futura Woodmac News: Site in Russian language for the Moscow fair

Website in Russian language for Moscow fair

New Futura Woodmac website area in Russian language, for its participation at Lesdrevmash woodworking machinery fair in Moscow (22nd-25th of October).
Futura Woodmac news: 4 sides planers at the W18 Fair in Birmingham

4 Sides planer at W18 Fair in Birmingham

The Futura Woodmac multifunctional 4 sides planer shows up in England, at W18 woodworking machinery Fair of Birmingham (30th September - 3rd October).
Futura Woodmac news, P.One at the Fair: Drema Poznan and Bife Bucharest 2018

P.One in Fair: Drema Poznan and Bife Bucarest

From September 11th - 12th 2018, Futura Woodmac shows its P.One 23/4 four sided moulder machine at the Poznan (Drema) and Bucharest (Bife) woodworking fairs.
Futura Woodmac news: Futura Woodmac at Xylexpo 2018

Futura Woodmac in Xylexpo 2018

Futura Woodmac shows up again to woodworking machinery fair Xylexpo 2018 (Hall 1 – Stand R20 S11 S19): all the team with the whole moulder machine range.
Futura Woodmac news: Super Program, for high loads in woodworking

For high workloads in woodworking

Super Program is a joinery and industrial machinery, designed for high workloads in woodworking to work pieces with max working width 350 mm.
News Futura Woodmac: 4 sided moulder with automatic working width search

4 Sided Moulder: workpiece width automatic device

Four sided planer and moulder Program with 5 spindles, available with automatic workpiece width searching device.
Futura Woodmac news: Futura Woodmac at Xylexpo 2016

Futura Woodmac at Xylexpo 2016

A successful presence for Futura Woodmac and Metalstar 2000 to the Xylexpo fair 2016 in Milan, the biennial international exhibition of woodworking machinery.
News Futura Woodmac: 4 sided moulder with 350 mm working width

4-sided moulder with max working width 350mm

News at Xylexpo 2016, woodworking machinery exhibition: Super Program by Futura Woodmac, the new Four Sided Moulder with max working width 350 mm.
Futura Woodmac news: Futura Woodmac at the woodworking machinery fairs

Futura Woodmac at the Woodworking Machinery Fairs

For years, together with its retailers and partners, Futura Woodmac company from Italy is present at all major fairs of woodworking machinery producers.
News Futura Woodmac: mouldering wood for windows

Mouldering wood for windows

Futura Woodmac sample images containing profiling mouldings with shaped tools, in the production process of matchboards or slats for window shutters.
Futura Woodmac news: CNC milling for wooden stairs

CNC milling for wood stairs

Images of CNC milling on wooden pillars, specially made for a customer producer of wooden stairs. Futura Woodmac: since 1984 woodworking machinery production.
Futura Woodmac news: Tekno Control CNC hinge milling boring machine video

Video CNC hinge milling boring Tekno Control

Workings on 5 sides of the panel with a single positioning, in the Tekno Control video: milling-anuba boring machine for doors, frames and panels.