Futura Woodmac company news: Italian woodworking machinery for joinery planer, wood mouldering, cnc milling, door hinge boring machines.
Since 1984, we have been exporting woodworking machines all over the world, together with real solutions and the sharing of new value.
100% Italian Woodworking machinery with domestic production of the machine body: inspection, testing, customizations, at very affordable prices.

Futura Woodmac News: Site in Russian language for the Moscow fair

Website in Russian language for Moscow fair

New Futura Woodmac website area in Russian language, for its participation at Lesdrevmash woodworking machinery fair in Moscow (22nd-25th of October).
Futura Woodmac news: Super Program, for high loads in woodworking

For high workloads in woodworking

Super Program is a joinery and industrial machinery, designed for high workloads in woodworking to work pieces with max working width 350 mm.
News Futura Woodmac: 4 sided moulder with automatic working width search

4 Sided Moulder: workpiece width automatic device

Four sided planer and moulder Program with 5 spindles, available with automatic workpiece width searching device.
News Futura Woodmac: 4 sided moulder with 350 mm working width

4-sided moulder with max working width 350mm

News at Xylexpo 2016, woodworking machinery exhibition: Super Program by Futura Woodmac, the new Four Sided Moulder with max working width 350 mm.
News Futura Woodmac: mouldering wood for windows

Mouldering wood for windows

Futura Woodmac sample images containing profiling mouldings with shaped tools, in the production process of matchboards or slats for window shutters.
Futura Woodmac news: CNC milling for wooden stairs

CNC milling for wood stairs

Images of CNC milling on wooden pillars, specially made for a customer producer of wooden stairs. Futura Woodmac: since 1984 woodworking machinery production.
Futura Woodmac news: Tekno Control CNC hinge milling boring machine video

Video CNC hinge milling boring Tekno Control

Workings on 5 sides of the panel with a single positioning, in the Tekno Control video: milling-anuba boring machine for doors, frames and panels.