Wood Pantographs, for joineries and hobbyists

The highlight of Skema 800, the Futura Woodmac wood pantograph, is its reliability in pantographic operations, even on large pieces.
The worktable offers a sturdy and safe support, that can be easily handled on its vertical axis by means of the front handwheel.
The milling unit is equipped with a 6-stop adjustable turret for quick operation changes, 3 collets (6 – 8 – 9.5 mm diameter) and 1 bit (10 mm diameter cutting). A collet for spindle (12 mm diameter) is supplied upon request as an optional accessory.
Pantographic operations are easily managed by the foot-operated remote push-button, which handles and activates the pneumatic milling unit.
The Skema 800 wood pantograph is entirely made in Italy, with the machine body – together with some of its parts – made in-house to guarantee the highest quality at competitive prices, also testing the pantograph in detail before delivery.

Pantograph Vertical Milling Machine: Skema 800, Futura Woodmac


Machine for joineries and hobbyists

Pantograph, Vertical Milling Machine.