Industrial Handling: Automatic, for Wood and much more

Futura Woodmac’s handling systems are excellent industrial automation systems in the movement of materials from machinery to the operator’s station.
Indeed, the goal of the most efficient large and small companies is to minimise the manual handling of workpieces, striving for automatic, and thus continuous, processing as much as possible, and thus also for the highest possible efficiency.
To this end, Futura Woodmac’s industrial handling systems work using roller conveyors (with rollers, belts and/or conveyor belt), which are easy to manage and with a robust electro-welded steel structure, customised with a custom 3D design by our technical department, ensuring maximum integration, automatically, of the working processes and equipment involved.
In addition to the effect of significantly increasing actual productivity, this ensures that both the integrity of the materials being transported and the safety of the operators involved are preserved.

Workpiece return roller edgebanding machine Bumerang S1, Futura Woodmac


For joinery and wood industry

Workpiece return roller edgebanding machine.

Exit roller conveyor for moulding machine, Futura Woodmac


For joinery and wood industry

Exit roller conveyor for moulding machine.