Wood Tenoning Machines for Joinery and Wood Industry

With the two models of the new Elite 400, Futura Woodmac enters the wood tenoning machine market with a machine with an entirely revised design, to make wood cutting and tenoning operations more efficient (thanks to modern mechanics, on linear guides and recirculating ball bearings), faster (with revolver positioning on the saw and surface units) and safer (in full compliance with current CE standards).
Improved performance and protection are guaranteed by the greater control over each production phase of the tenoning machine, ensured by the in-house production (as is the case for every Futura Woodmac machine, in synergy with partner company Metalstar 2000) of the machine body and its parts, carefully monitored from design to final testing.
Elite 400 is a tenoning machine for wood, complete with a blade unit and a vertical tenoning spindle, offered in two models that are distinguished in the tenoning unit: in the first version (Elite 400) it has a fixed vertical spindle, where the absence of the tool release is compensated for by a vertical stroke of 90 mm under the work surface; in the second version (Elite 400E) the tenoning spindle is equipped with a Hiteco electric spindle with rapid spindle release.
Wood cutting and tenoning operations can be performed on workpieces up to 400 mm, tenoning two identical workpieces at the same time, with optimal performance in both joinery and woodworking industries.

Elite 400 Tenoning Machine, Futura Woodmac


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