Futura Woodmac News: Futura Woodmac at Xylexpo 2022

Futura Woodmac at Xylexpo 2022

With its participation in the Xylexpo 2022 trade fair (12-15 October 2022, at the Milan Trade Fair in Rho), the Futura Woodmac company is pleased to finally return to meet its network of dealers, partners and contacts in the woodworking machinery sector, at HALL 24 – STAND D29.

With the participation of the owner and founder, Oto Cusano, and the entire technical and sales team, the entire fleet of machines in production will be on display: from the machines already established in the sector in which the company is world-renowned (straightening machines, 4-sided planing machines, profiling machines and wood moulding machines) to machines that have earned major recognition in the past decade (CNC milling machines and wood anubating machines) towards the carpentry and wood industry markets, up to the latest new products (pantographs, sanding machines and wood tenoning machines, also for hobbyists) that have been completely overhauled and are now being presented to an international audience for the first time.

These will include: the SKEMA 800 pantograph (suitable for vertical milling of even large workpieces), the LEVEL 150 (universal oscillating belt sander) and SFERA 60 (disc sander, also available with abrasive belt), the ELITE 400 tenoning machine (machine that can be assembled in two versions with a fixed shaft or with an electric spindle).
On these new lines of woodworking machinery, as well as on every other machine, Futura Woodmac capitalises on its partnership with the company Metalstar 2000, with in-house production of the base and details (from design to final testing, with the highest standards of quality required) and state-of-the-art mechanical technologies that ensure far superior performance in terms of efficiency and automation, speed and safety.

Designed with the same goals in mind and equally innovative, Xylexpo will also be the occasion to present BUMERANG S1, the new automated workpiece return system for edgebanding machines made by Futura Woodmac.
The increase in productivity, which is so essential in edge processing (even in the smallest workshops), as well as the increased flexibility in switching from mass production to single batch production, are both guaranteed by the automated handling (even by a single operator) on an extremely stable, durable and safe support surface.

Xylexpo 2022 can be reached by metro from Milan (M1 red line, Rho-Fiera Milano stop) or by car from the motorway (A4 Turin-Venice – A9 Como-Chiasso – A1 Bologna-Rome – A7 Milan-Genoa).