Futura Woodmac news: Futura Woodmac at Ligna 2019

Futura Woodmac at Ligna 2019

In Hanover, the most important woodworking exhibition in the world

In the last week of May (27-31 May 2019) Futura Woodmac shows up at Ligna, the leading global trade fair in the woodworking sector that every two years, in Hannover, occupies over 130.000 square meters of exhibition area.
The 2019 edition will mark the two driving forces for innovation as automation and digitalization, which has long been at the Futura Woodmac business model and the power for its progresses over the international market (by the range of moulder machines and the range of Tekno machines, for door and frame manufacture).
Being in Hannover is therefore an opportunity to expose the progress achieved in the production of increasingly resistant and reliable woodworking machinery and equipments, as well as more performing for the large range of available standard accessories.

At Ligna (Hall 11, Stand F51) Futura Woodmac will be together in with Metalstar 2000 rapresented by its owner and founder, Oto Cusano, by the technicians and commercials team. Metalstar 2000 is the enineering industry that acquired in 2010 the storical Futura brand, increasing prestige and consideration all over the world’s market.
The exposed woodworking machinery (and live tested) will be the P.ONE and the PROGRAM, both macchine straightening machines, 4-sided planers, profiling machines and moulders, in their version of universal spindle, able to satisfy carpentry and small-medium industries needs.